Instituto Peruano de Investigaciones Genealógicas

Instituto Peruano de Investigaciones Genealógicas
Peruvian Institute for Genealogical Studies

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Peruvian Institute for Genealogical Studies
Established in Lima on November 8, 1945
Street Porta 170 - 806 Miraflores, Lima 18, Perú


Where and when ?
Sorry,  our office/library now is closed to public, but,  Mr. Luis Enrique Colmenares, Member and Library Director is available  to make an appointment only for thursdays, 6 pm. to 9 pm,  at his celular number (511) 9832-7661 or by his e-mail.

What benefits does the Institute offer to its members?

  • Access to genealogy-related E-mail, and to consultations resolved by the Institute’s members.
  • Delivery of genealogy information bulletins.
  • Access to periodicals edited by the Institute, where member’s genealogy investigations are published.
  • Access to the specialiced library.
  • Invitations to genealogy lectures.

What kinds of members are there at the institute?
There are Honor Members, Number Members as well as Correspondent Members - those that live in Peruvian provinces or abroad.

How may I become an  member of the Institute?
You need to contact two members who know you well enough to introduce you with your genealogy studies.

Any payment should be deposited in the Institute's account # Nº 011 - 0100 - 0200973732 - 57 at BBVA Peruvian Continental Bank.

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